Step #2. Get to Know the Ladies

Find out how much common ground you have with the ladies and get to know them better through letters and Skype calls. We offer our clients a wide range of communicational services that will allow you to further and deepen your knowledge of the ladies and also let them get to know you better.

We see from our experience that this communication is extremely important as it doesn’t just allow you to see how much common ground you have with the ladies by sharing information about each other and pictures from each other’s life, but also allows you to create a special bond and when you finally meet in person, you will not feel like strangers to each other because by that time you will already know quite a bit about each other.

PLEASE NOTE no personal contact information (such as telephone numbers, e-mail and postal addresses, surnames, information related to the birthdates of the ladies etc.) can be shared or requested in the course of your communication in prior to the personal meeting.

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