Sofia and Randy (the USA) 6 June 2013


Thanks Michael for convincing the ultimate skeptic!

I was really getting bored dating here where I live and was due for a vacation. I have always been curious about Ukraine dating.

First thing I discovered is how many scams there are. It really is overwhelming all the info out there about men who have been scammed. I honestly couldn’t find anything negative about Mordinson agency but was still extremely skeptical.

I emailed with some women on Michael’s site and soon found myself sending and receiving emails daily with one particular woman I found intriguing. After we had spoken on the phone a couple of times I made plans to visit the Ukraine and meet her in person.

Michael met me at the airport and brought me to the apartment. It was great. Very nicely laid out. Safe and secure far better than a hotel room.

I met Sofia the next day and we were off and running. She was everything I thought she would be and more. We even vacationed to Crimea together. Kharkov is a very interesting city with many sites and great restaurants and we had a blast together.

Michael would call me often to see how things were going and was extremely helpful. Never once did my phone call go unanswered. We even went site seeing one day and his sense of humor kept me laughing all day and I consider him a friend.

Sofia asked the agency to take down her profile and I am going back in August to see her. Mordinsons personal approach to Ukraine dating is ideal if you are serious about meeting a genuine girl.

Anyone that wants can email me I will be more than happy to help you in making the right decision! Randy, the USA