Julia and Bill (the USA) 30 April 2013


I’m writing this testimonial to anyone who is looking for an honest marriage agency, and has felt skeptical about many of the other sites and agencies out there.

I will give you a little background information about me, before I tell you why I ended up choosing the Mordinson Agency. I am a 37 years old, white male from the United States. I am nice looking,employed, financially responsible, and a good decent person. I have been in many relationships, with many nice women from the US over the years, but never actually felt ready for the responsibility or desire for marriage until recently. Many of my friends are married to American women (many quite unhappily I might add), but I have yet to find the right woman for me. I have had an active dating life all the way back since high school, college and up until now, but I have found that because I have waited so long to feel fully ready for marriage, my selection of quality women has become less and less with each passing year. That is not surprising, because most quality women want to find the right man to marry, and have a family. I have tried internet dating sites in the US, and met several nice, attractive women. But, even so, the women I have dated have usually already been divorced, and some have had a child from a previous relationship. Although, I liked these women, I finally accepted that what was really best for me was a woman with no children, who has never been married. This is what most men want, of course. Unfortunately, I had also observed that possibly because of feminism (starting with the feminist movement in the US in the 1960s) gender roles in America have changed for the worst over the years, and the traditional family unit has suffered as a result. In other words, it seems as though many American women have become more masculine and aggressive, and the respect that men once held in relationships has diminished greatly. This is evident in American comedy sitcoms, or even commercials, where the husband or father, is made to look like a buffoon, while his wife treats him like another child in the family that she is now in charge of! Does any of this sound familiar to you also?

I rationalized that I could continue to search and search in the United States, and hope to find a traditional, feminine woman, but I came to the realization that going overseas might be a more practical, time saving, and logical approach. So, I began exploring the idea of where I could find a traditional, feminine woman, outside of the United States. As I researched on the internet, I came across many international dating sites, and marriage agencies. I narrowed my search down to women from the FSU (former Soviet Union), such as Ukraine and Russia. I chose the women from the Ukraine, specifically, because I had read extensively that they are the most feminine women anywhere in the world. I also dated a woman of eastern European decent for many years, and she had a feminine mystic and appeal that I have not been able to find since. While there appeared to be many international dating sites/marriage agency options to choose from, my gut instinct and online research revealed that many of these “marriage agencies” were scams, and many bad reviews and experiences I had read online supported my suspicions.

I made a decision to search for smaller agencies, where I would have the opportunity to talk to a live person, hopefully, even the owner of the agency, and establish a professional relationship. I began reading on foreign bride forums on the internet, which discussed the experiences of men who were looking to do the same thing I intended to do. I came across a lot of helpful and useful information, that lead me in the right direction. The Mordinson Agency had received positive praise, and it’s owner, Michael, had established a good track record and reputation as an honest businessman. I continued to research for several more months actually, and look at his website, and research his agency. I was not able to find any negative reviews or experiences about his agency, but only positive remarks about Mordinson. This was extremely encouraging, and I had finally made a decision to contact him through e-mail to ask a few questions. He responded promptly and professionally. He told me that whenever I wanted to write an introduction letter, and send my pictures, he would translate them for free and send to the ladies. It was about a month later that I called him, to ask him to send a few introduction letters to the ladies I was interested in. During this interim period, he never once, tried to call or pressure me to begin the process. This was also a very good sign to me.

When I finally had professional pictures taken of me (which I recommend to anyone wanting to write to the ladies/it’s worth it…trust me), I sent the introduction letter. Several days later I began receiving responses from the ladies. This was very exciting, and so the correspondence began. I wrote to a few ladies, for several months.

After two months, I made arrangements to fly over to Kharkov during the third month of correspondence to meet the ladies. After arriving in Kharkov and settling in, I met the three women I had been writing to on my second day there. By the end of the day, it was obvious to me, that I had already made my choice. I focused on this one lady for the rest of the trip, and we hit it off very well.

By the end of the trip, we agreed that we wanted to begin the K1 Visa process (fiancee visa), with the intentions of her moving abroad to the United Stats, to start a life together. I can say with all honesty that choosing the Mordinson Agency, and making the decision to fly over to Kharkov to meet my future wife, was the absolute best and most important decision I’ve ever made in my life.

The owner of the agency, Michael, is an honest and forthright person. You can tell that he cares about his clients and the mission of his business. He wants his clients to be happy, and have love in their lives. He also cares about his reputation, and that of his family, so his customer service skills are exceptional. He went out of his way throughout the entire experience, from when I first spoke to him, to even after leaving Ukraine. He is a good person, and you can trust him, which was extremely important when I made my eventual decision to choose Mordinson. I consider myself a pretty astute, and logical person. I research everything before I make important decisions in my life. I can recommend the Mordinson Agency, without any hesitation. The agency is top notch, and if you are serious about finding a quality, foreign wife from the Ukraine, this is your best opportunity.

I will answer any questions from anyone, who would like to speak to me through email, or by telephone. I feel indebted to Michael, and owe him so much thanks. Thank you to Michael, Max and Alla, for all your support and assistance, during a life changing experience!

God bless you guys! Bill, USA