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12 tips on how NOT to lose your beloved woman!

The G-d has got a soul mate for every living creature! With no exception he does! Finding your soul mate often means overcoming certain obstacles, for example travelling abroad or to a different city. There are no perfect people and we all face the difficulties when establishing the relationship.

But often after some time has passed, and the excitement of the new relationship has vanished, men make very stupid mistakes, which in the long run lead to losing their so hardly found loved ones.

Here are 12 advices on how NOT to lose your beloved woman!

1. Don't be scared of telling your beloved woman about your plans and prospects. The most important thing for a woman is to be next to a trustworthy and independent man.

2. Try not to lie to your soul mate, it might invoke a general feeling of distrust, and in future she might as well lie to you.

3. Don't make your woman responisble for taking important decisions. Doing that you take a risk of losing her respect in future! Usually a woman will be happy if you take her ideas and requests into consideration when making decisons.

4. Don't treat a woman like a property. This will make her feel bad, and you should never expect sincerity in this kind of relationship.

5. Pay attention and corture your woman (give her flowers, notice the changes in hair dressing etc). The indifference towards your partner, will tell her you don't have any feelings for her!

6. A woman who is happy about the relationship she is in, will rarely think about having an affair. The extreme jealiosity based on nothing, will simply ruin what was great union!

7. In sex always start with the love games and prelude, and switch to action when you see she is ready. Be understanding about all her requests.

8. Remain physically fit, it will make your beloved feel secure next to you.

9. Fight your bad habbits, excessive drinking or doing drugs will sure enough make a woman of your life very unhappy. Widen the range of your interests!

10. Take charge of minor repairs around the house. A woman has to realize that she would never be able to cope with it all by herself!

11. Never swear when you are talking to a woman or when she is next to you. This is usually perceived as blunt disrespect. She might not mention this to you, but usually it's true.

12. Never whine and complain to your beloved. This will most often be taken as a sign of weakness. A woman who cares for you, will see the change in your mood and will surely ask- what's the matter darling?

Mishael Mordinson, the owner of Mordinson Marriage Agency

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