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But I tried, didn't I? Goddamn it. At least I did that. R.P. McMurphy" The scene in which the character of the Jack Nicholson is trying to escape from the mental facility by lifting the fountain and throwing it against the window is truly and undoubtedly one of the greatest examples of fine cinematography which teaches us 2 important lessons: first of all, even when the odds are against you and chances of winning are slim, it doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't give it a try. Failing at certain extent is inevitable in life, unless you live in an extremely cautious and sheltered way. And secondly even when a person fails in a pursuit of a goal - he or she is enriched by the experience which will surely be an asset in the future pursuits.

The idea of meeting a soul mate from Ukraine has been a topic of hot discussions for over 2 decades now since the collapse of the Iron Wall and the Former Soviet Union. The years that followed the collapse of the Union were marked by the rise of the poverty in FSU countries which led to a massive immigration of Jews, Russian Germans and other national minorities. However majority of the people didn't have a way out and had to cope with the situation.

Michael Mordinson: "My family's marriage agency has been working in Kharkov, Ukraine since 1999 and since then there has been a dramatic improvement in the economy of the country and well being of the Ukrainian population, however we don't see the shortage of women who are willing to join the agency. They are not desperate to get out of Ukraine. It's a stereotype that all Ukrainian women dream about leaving their own country, it's not true. What we see is that the absolute majority of the ladies have a genuine desire to find their soul mate and it doesn't matter to them too much whether he is from Ukraine or from abroad. But of course when a woman comes to our office for an interview - we make sure that she is open to an idea of moving abroad should she meet the right man in the agency".

Another topic that concerns any man who is interested in finding a woman from Ukraine is the sincerity of the ladies he can meet. It has to be said that there are sincere and insincere people in any country, Ukraine is not an exception. Indeed after reading some "horror stories" about men being lied to and scammed one might think twice before starting the search, however on the other hand, there are plenty of examples which prove that it's not only possible to find your soul mate in Ukraine, but also that a man who has serious intentions and is willing to do his "home work" about that process has very high chances of succeeding.

If you are a single man and you are not happy about being single - you should know that there are thousands of couples that were created by Western men and Ukrainian women, it's very real to find a good and sincere Ukrainian woman, but that's only the beginning of the journey and only with the devotion and desire to give from both sides it's possible to build a happy and life long union. Good luck!!

I started this little article with a quote from an amazing movie, and I want to end it in the same way: "You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period." Will Smith in "Pursuit of Happiness" 2006

Meet single and genuine women from Ukraine

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