Money in Ukraine

Money in Ukraine


When you are traveling abroad one of the things you are concerned about is how to bring money and what is the easiest way to pay for things in the country you are going to. Here are few things which you should know when going to Ukraine.


Ukraine has a strict law that prohibits to accept any other currency but Ukrainian Grivna, it works in 98% cases, sometimes if all you have is dollars a restaurant may accept it, giving you not the best exchange rate, as you could expect, but no way shops accept US dollars, Australian dollars, Euro or any other foreign currency.

However there are dozens of currency exchange offices around the city, especially in the central part. One very important thing you should be aware of is that if you have worn, old bills or your bills have tears- they will NOT be accepted in the exchange offices. Basically they want the money to be in close to perfect condition. Some of currency exchange offices and banks will offer to exchange a worn bill for a 10% commission. If you have crispy new bills, you have nothing to worry about.

Credit Cards

There are hundreds of ATM machines scattered all over Kharkov so it seems like there should be no problems with getting the money out of the credit cards, however there are few things you should know. Very few ATM machines accept American Express cards and almost 100% accept VISA and MasterCard. Sometimes your bank will prohibit withdrawal of the money from your card if you try to do it in Ukraine, in order to avoid it, you need to call your bank in prior to your trip and notify them that you are planning to be withdrawing money abroad in the nearest future.

A lot of the places in Kharkov accept credit cards, however at least half of the restaurants and stores do not, so make sure that you have some cash when going to a restaurant or cafe.

Traveller's Cheques

Another option is to bring Traveller's Cheques, Thomas Cook and American Express are widely accepted by the Ukrainian banks. If you decide to bring the cheques, please make sure you save the immigration card they give you on the plane flying into Ukraine, you are going to need this paper in the bank, bank needs to have a look at the exact day of your arrival. The banks usually charge 2% commission for the withdrawal using cheques. The problem with the traveller's cheques is that it usually takes a lot more time to cash a cheque than to withdraw cash from a card or exchange dollars or Euro into Ukrainian Grivnas.

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