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News! Russia is crowned Miss World 2008.
Miss World 2008 is Kseniya SUKHINOVA.

The 21-year-old blue-eyed blonde beauty, who is pursuing an engineering degree, was crowned Miss World 2008 in an extravagant African-themed pageant held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The eyes of the world were on one stage when Kseniya Sukhinova from Russia was crowned Miss World in a glittering, star - studded ceremony at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, the City of Gold.

The applause rang out in the packed Convention Centre as Julia Morley, Chairman of the Miss World Organisation and of the international panel of judges, announced the winner`s name.

kseniya sukhinova

Ksenia Sukhinova born 1987 in Tyumen (Russia), has won in Miss Russia 2007 pageant on December 14 in Moscow. Ksenia surpassed 50 other contestants from all over Russia. She was unable to represent Russia at Miss Universe 2008 due to her college work.

miss russia 2007

Ksenia is expected to compete in both the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants in 2008.

miss world

Some of your comments:

Anonymous said... finaly a good looking one!!! the rest are ok and some are a disaster!!!!

alexman said... Finaly something beautiful... I guess this time noone paid some extra money for ugly monkey to be chosen as the most beatiful girl of the world, but the problem is that most russian girls are fantastic, so if everything will be fair... only russian girl we will see...It is fine by me :)

jazz said... Looks like an average russian girl to me....russian girls are generally good looking at this one isnt an exception worth becoming Miss World though.

miss world is from russia,84555

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