Marriage Minded? Lonely? A Russian Wife From the Ukraine May Be Your Answer
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The philosophy and the process of searching a soul mate in Mordinson

By Mishael Mordinson

One of the biggest blessings in life is to find a woman of dreams and have a family with her. After collapse of USSR thousands of Western men became interested in Russian and Ukrainian women. Russian mail order brides catalogues were spread by agencies and many men were using those services. Of course the whole idea of ordering a bride is wrong, even in Babel Talmud we are finding a negative note concerning this kind of meeting women: "You can't marry a woman, who you haven?t met in person, otherwise you will find out later that she doesn't fit you, and she will become disgusting to you"

Anyways after several years men started to realize that it became too hard to find a wife using the list of addresses or picture catalogues sent by post. In the end of 90-ies, a new formation of Russian Women presenting organizations has arrived. A personalized agency is the one that has relatively small data base (it allows to remain personal towards both male and female clients), usually that kind of agency has a good web site, an office in prestigious area of the city, often has offices not only in Ukraine, but in EU and the US, and the services of such agencies are not cheap. You should always keep in mind your goal, and your goal is to meet a nice girl, who is sincerely looking for a nice guy like you. Only an agency with a serious advertisement campaign can attract young and attractive ladies to join, and only really reputable can actually chose among them to pick only those who are interested in getting married, that?s what actually makes the service rather expensive, but providing that you are meeting somebody who you will spend the rest of your life with, it?s not expensive at all.

After you found the Russian woman of your dreams and you both feel the chemistry, you start a very serious and long lasting process of applying for a Fiancée Visa. The process of bringing a lady in the country is different in all countries, but in the US it means applying for a K1 visa. The process of getting a visa takes from 6 to 9 months and requires lots of paperwork. But it's absolutely real to get a visa, be accurate with the documents and read carefully all the instructions. It seems like the US Government makes the period of getting a visa so long to make sure that both man and woman are still interested to be together even after such a long time being apart.

Mishael Mordinson is a representative of A Mordinson Introduction Elite Dating and Marriage Club in Kharkov, Ukraine. Presenting some of the most Attractive Traditional Life values Russian Brides. Learn more about Marriage Minded Women from Ukraine at

Mordinson company was started by Efim Yankelevich Mordinson as a family organization in 1980, the main direction of it was photography business. The new direction "Introduction service" has been developed in 1999.

During the years of successful work A Mordinson Introduction has matched many happy couples. The photographs and the personal experience sharing of some Mordinson clients you can find at Love stories.

The Mordinson works towards your unique needs and requirements for a significant relationship. A Mordinson Introduction specializes exclusively in long-term relationships.

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Stuart (UK)
The ladies I met were all very attractive and are genuinely interested in establishing a long term relationship (initially it sounded too good to be true). The only regret that I have in respect of my visit, is that I did not do it years ago... Read more
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