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On May 19th the Kharkov soccer team Metalist is going to play against a team from Dnipropetrovsk. Victory in that match and the next match on the 26th May brings Metalist into the European Champions League along with such teams as Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc.

Today I had a chance to personally wish Mr. Marko Devic the Kharkov team's attacking midfielder and one of the best Ukrainian soccer players good luck in the very important game tomorrow! Good luck Marko and all the players!! Forza Metalist!

Michael Mordinson



Marko is playing against John Terry at Euro 2012

About Michael Mordinson

Michael is the youngest sibling in the Mordinson family, he has graduated from the NUA Academy in Kharkov and got a diploma in Business Management. Michael is a manager of the Mordinson marriage agency and is a professional interpreter.

P.S. Victory!!!!!! Kharkov team won today thanks to two goals scored by Marko Devic!!!

P.P.S Even more great news!! Marko is getting married on the 2nd June 2013! Have a wonderful life together and always make each other happy!

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