Marriage Minded? Lonely? A Russian Wife From the Ukraine May Be Your Answer
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Dating Russian Girls for Widower Advice, Marriage Minded Women from East Europe, Way For You?

By Mishael Mordinson Platinum Quality Author

The Babel Talmud says: ?If a widower marries second time, he will still always remember his first wife. Once Abraham Lincoln told a funny story that describes that saying:

?During the sermon, the priest said that Jesus was the only perfect man in the entire world, and there is no mention of a perfect woman in Tanah or anywhere else. And at that moment one woman in the church stands up and says embarrassed: I have been listening to stories about one perfect woman for the last 6 years! -And who is she?- asks the priest -My husband?s first wife.

When wife dies, the world for a man becomes darker. Life without her seems to be empty and useless and very often a deep depression may occur in this situation. What?s important is not to break down. Any person sometimes gets into terrible situations, often connected with close relatives death, but it is important to stand up and go on with life!

Majority of men feel uncomfortable to date women after their wives pass away. And that is why it is very important for a matchmaker to create special atmosphere during the process of introduction.

When you start your correspondence with an Eastern European (Ukrainian or Russian) lady, you should explain her your situation. Tell her why you are willing the new relationship and this explanation will make your relationship grow stronger.

Assure the lady that you are sincerely willing to start new life and not planning to look back at the past all the time. One very important thing is children, if you are not willing to have children in future, you should state that, because most of Russian and Ukrainian ladies want to mothers. In this case it will probably be better to find a woman who has a child already.

Don?t try to find a lady who will be same as your late wife. It is impossible, as there are no same people in the world, it will only bring more sorrow to your heart, and second the girls who are you are meeting or talking to, will feel that she is being compared.

There are several ways to meet Russian girls nowadays. There are huge sites with multi thousand galleries and pictures of ladies from all over the Former Soviet Union. Another way is Personal agency, that doesn?t have so many ladies, but personally interviews those ladies and does the pictures of them. The bad thing about a Personalized agency is that the fees of such an organization (if it really does the work) are rather high, they include running a full time office, advertisment campaign, staff etc. But the good thing is that a Personalized agency knows in person all the female clients.

Here's what an American guy says: The agency price is not low, and it takes a "leap of faith" to wire that kind of money to the other side of the world, but my result was excellent. I am now engaged to an exceptionally intelligent, beautiful Ukrainian lady. I know in my heart that she loves me dearly. In Ukraine, "love" is not an expression used flippantly as in the USA. it is an emotion with extremely serious gravity.

Wish you good luck in finding your soul mate!

Mishael Mordinson is a representative of A Mordinson Introduction Elite Dating and Marriage Club in Kharkov, Ukraine. Presenting some of the most Attractive Traditional Life values Russian Brides. Learn more about Marriage Minded Women from Ukraine at

Mordinson company was started by Efim Yankelevich Mordinson as a family organization in 1980, the main direction of it was photography business. The new direction "Introduction service" has been developed in 1999.

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