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Do you enjoy kissing? Well, it turns out that it is not only pleasant, but healthy as well! We give you several extra reasons to kiss and be kissed! Enjoy!

German scientists have proved that 3 kisses (20 second each) in the morning guarantee romantic and upbeat mood for the entire day, and one long kiss can even stop a minor hear stroke. Also that pleasant procedure raises the level of adrenalin which leads to a better general and mental activity.

How can that be explained? Our lips are hundred times more sensitive than tips of our fingers, a kiss puts in motion 34 muscles (including 12 around lips and 17 on the tongue) and invokes the injection of "happiness" compound into blood, it is known as Endorphins. When we kiss, the skin turns pink and becomes warmer, the lips turn red. That's why lip-stick of bright colors raise erotic attraction.

A passionate kiss raises the pulse up to 150 beats a minute, this makes more oxygen to travel to the brain. And this makes us think faster, concentrate more effectivily and memorize things more easily.

And the dentists from "The University of Chicago" (1) call a passionate kiss a sort of natural "cleaner" and that was proved, in the course of experiments! Dentists believe that regular long kisses is a great way to prevent caries. The saliva is full of calcium, phosphorus and some natural antibiotics. The kisses make saliva circulate more actively and it makes all the useful elements in it work even more effectively.

Also, kissing can help to eradicate wrinkles, you may not believe it, but an energetic and hot kiss strains all the muscles on the face, the blood circulation become more active and surface wrinkles become less visable.

Kiss can only stop a hiccup!

And the last thing, we all wish you to find your sweetheart, if you haven't found her yet and then practise the most passionate kisses in the world!

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