Ukrainian marriage

Ukrianian Girl in "Quantum of Solace" New Bond movie.
In cinemas worldwide on the November 14th

-You beat out 400 other actresses to land this role. Were you a bag of nerves in your audition?

-"After I got the role"

-"So, tell me one thing. How come you were so calm at the audition?"

-"I was nervous but I also said to myself, if I was going to show that I'm nervous, I would not get the part. You have to take yourself in hand."

Was it ever a dream of yours to be a Bond girl growing up in the Ukraine?
-No. I didn't think it's possible. I was too far away from it.

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko, a Ukrainian-born actress and model who grew up in poverty is now starring as Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig.

She was born in the Ukranian city to a Ukrainian father and Russian mother. They divorced when she was just three, leaving Olga to be raised singlehandedly by her mum.

In 1999, Olga married her friend, French photographer Cedric Van Mol and divorced him 3,5 years later. One day Olga presented herself to an acting agency. Eventually, she swapped the catwalk for celluloid, and her acting career took off. In 2005 she made her film debut as Iris, a sensual beauty in Annulaire, L' (2005) by director Diane Bertrand.

Bond girl is Ukrainian

Olga's cinematic roles have been notably steamy, and her natural beauty and explicit nudity attracted the attention of the male audiences. She appeared opposite Elijah Wood in Paris, je t'aime (2006) and as Sofia in Serpent, Le (2006), then co-starred as Russian beauty Nika Boronina opposite Timothy Olyphant in Hitman (2007). She also appears as Mina Harud in the indy surveillance-thriller Tyranny (2008) and is billed as Camille, the Bond girl in Quantum of Solace (2008), a sequel to Casino Royale (2006).

"Any chick who gets cast as a Bond girl deserves a great sex appeal rating. We know that Bond, James Bond only goes for the exotic, uber-sexy, off-the-chart hotties, and Olga Kurylenko is definitely one of them. Daniel Craig is a lucky man."

Ukrainian actress


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